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viva bettie

Anna’s tribute to the two very different sides of her hero - American sweetheart and 1950s “Queen of Pin Ups” Bettie Page - in this comical, upbeat act with a “half/half” costume and two-faced choreography, Anna personifies the battle inside every woman - should she be “good”, or “bad”??!


Laxis of Evil

In this subversion of the traditional burlesque “balloon pop” act, Anna performs the world’s only axe-throwing striptease. Yes! You read that right! Thrusting humor and sex into the circus art of knife-throwing; instead of popping her balloons with a pin, Anna throws axes at them. A dramatic striptease with a twist in the tail 



Anna’s own twist on a timeless burlesque genre - a bump & grind performance in a stunning, luxurious costume of rhinestones and ostrich feathers, flowing from a glamorous, elegant start, to a fierce, tassel twirling finale.




With over 11 years of professional Burlesque experience honed across 16 countries, and using the skills which gained her “Burlesque Royalty” status at the 2011 Burlesque Hall of Fame “Miss Exotic World” contest in Las Vegas, Anna can customize her enviable repertoire of classic-costumed acts, for your private and corporate events. For this, Anna will work with you to create a custom performance perfectly-suited to your audience and venue. 


TIME for tea(se)

Clad in her custom-designed, full-latex costume, Waitress-Anna serves you tea and cakes …but be warned, she’s not particularly careful with the cream! An upbeat, cheeky and fun act that harks back to the heyday of 1970s British “Carry-On” comedy, this is classic Anna, saucy-meets-silly at it’s finest.

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Chun li - teenage fantasy

A teenage boy* accidentally summons his favorite Street Fighter character, Chun Li to life, and I sure don’t remember her doing THOSE moves in the game!  Performed as a double act with one of Anna’s trusted performance partners, this hilarious number will make your audience squirm and laugh. 
*Over 18.


memory of a goldfish


Do you remember the Funfair games where the prize was a little goldfish in a bag? Whatever happened to those little fish??! Anna answers this question as she takes on the persona of a prize goldfish and escapes her plastic prison. An upbeat, comedic number with a bittersweet finale.

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Ridiculous-meets-sexy when Cave Girl-Anna, freshly transplanted from pre-historic Yorkshire, is befuddled by modern technology. Containing fun audience interaction, this act is delightfully comedic with sexy floor work, and a show-stopping fire tassel-twirling finale*

*Tassels can be flame-free if venue restrictions apply


the headmistress


Mistress Anna is VERY strict, and she wants to know if you’ve finished your homework. Perfect for venues which allow Mistress Anna to move close to, or into the audience, for a non-contact interaction, or sometimes, if you’ve been naughty, a little light spanking. This dark, slow striptease will make you want to sign up for night school immediately!